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Through more than ten years of experience in this sector, and thounsands of applied projects, CONREQ has been took it place in leading the market. Thanks to its engineers, architects, technicians and expert assembly teams, it has proven itself in the sector and gained the trust of its customers through the years.

When we take on a project here at CONREQ we pour all of our creative and professional talents into it. We’re passionate about creating designs that will change the world and the way you spend your time in your new custom-designed space. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

We as CONREQ put all our experience in your hands to have the best valuable and affordable products for you to have your lovely space.

CONREQ produces all kinds of motorized shading systems ( Pergola, Awnings, Bioclimatic systems ) beside glass enclosures.


our work

it is about experience, not only visual

CONREQ has established a strong base for manufacturing and distributing the products around the world with installation services offered for best result.

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